Man3000 Budget Controller Software

The Man3000 Budget Controller Software offers the ability to do Automatic Barring on PABX's for the Budgets exceeded on Extensions or Pin Codes (Access Account Codes) This is PABX dependant, and not all Systems have the ability to do Barring.


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Budget Controller Brochure

Current Systems Compatible for Barring:

PABX Barring on Extensions Barring on Account Codes
Alcatel Omni PCX OXE YES YES
Alcatel Omni PCX OXO YES NO
Aristel (AV-38) YES YES
Coral SBDX Configuration YES NO
Ericcson MD110 / MX1 YES YES(Dynamic)
Karel MS38/48S YES NO
Karel MS128 YES NO
Karel DS200 YES YES
LG 60/300/600 (Office Configuration) YES YES
NEC Aspire (v7.50 & Newer) YES YES
NEC Univerge (SV8100) YES YES
NEC XN120 (Hayes Modem) YES NO
Panasonic KX-TDA30 Range YES NO
Phillips Sopho IS3000 Range YES YES
Samsung OfficeServ Range (7030 to 7400) YES YES (Dynamic)
Siemens HiPath 3000 Series YES YES(Dynamic)

Siemens Hipath 4000 Series

YES YES(Dynamic)
Siemens Hipath 1100 Series (Hayes Modem) YES NO
Toshiba Strata YES YES(Dynamic)

The Budget Controller Limitations are based on the PABX functionality, as the above table shows. Some systems can accommodate barring on both Extensions and Account Codes( Access Codes), others can only do Barring on Extensions.

Key Features:

Modified on 17TH November 2011

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